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There you have it, boyos. After much talk on the thread, here's your own wiki. Let's hope this is a good idea and that your autism will fill these premises with autism, love and dedication to making vidya, as well as admiration for your fellow nodevs.

What you'll find on this wiki:

  • Ongoing /agdg/ and /vm/ projects
  • Information on our nodevs and (hopefully someday this will be all of you) yesdevs
  • Completed games
  • Archive of abandoned projects and anons who are now gone from the thread (never 4get)
  • Engine, programming and graphics resources and advice

You may want to edit your own pages as well as add other people's projects. Hope we'll all help somewhat in creating this place, as a pastime between dev sessions.

You might also be looking for the Thread Template.

Better start working on demos
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Everyone's welcome

Project Overview

Useful articles

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