Anonymous Horror Team

Team of anonymous posters working on the UE4 horror game.

"Head" of the project to make an 80's VHS slasher horror game here.
Game's not dead, if anyone was interested. Just on a sort of indefinite hiatus since everyone is working on other stuff or is busy IRL. Nothing is out of the picture. (Webm is outdated.)

Programmer for the horror project here. It's dead. No, nobody got angry and quit in a blaze of glory. Creative differences didn't push the team apart or anything. It just sorta stopped. The reasons aren't really that interesting so unless you really want to hear them I won't go into it.

I joined the project because I wanted the experience working with a team. I wasn't getting paid so I needed to rely on my own discipline and motivation to keep working on it. The most glaring problem with that is I don't play or enjoy horror games, so what the game wold be in the end wouldn't be something that I could really get much enjoyment out of and as I'm working on it I can't pull from my own experience. I liked programming the mechanics because I enjoy programming in general but I knew I wouldn't like the game. It was my fault joining a project I should have known I wouldn't like when it was done, and also my fault for not telling anyone about my gross inexperience with horror games.
Concept artist had some issues in his personal life. I hope he's OK.
Our leader, the guy who organized the whole thing, was a glorified Idea guy, and near the end he was running out of ideas. That didn't help me when I needed some clear direction as to where to take things. He, made it clear he was also ok with us not updating, which I think led to us eventually not working on the project. Near the end he talked about learning how to program. RE7 was kind of a nail in the coffin for him and where I think the cracks started to show. Much of what we were talking about doing showed up in RE7. He wasn't angry, just kinda bummed out.
The modeler just stopped updating like the rest of us. I can't say why other than loss of interest.

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