Arguably the most active anon working on 8/agdg/, with numerous Unity projects started, all causing excitement among other anons. Unfortunately, most are abandoned now. His current project is the Historia Civilis-inspired multiplayer Unity RTS
His original post on Hitler Boxing quickly gained replies, reaching the bump limit within a day, thus beginning the tradition of dev threads on /v/, which later became /agdg/ threads.

Youtube channel:

Itch.io profile:

Archive of previous projects:

List of projects posted on /agdg/:
Formation RTS (currently active)
AoE-like RTS
Dismemberment RPG
Hitler Boxing
Arcade boxing
mount and blade earth benders mod

wembs and screenshots of the previous iteration of the rpg https://drive.google.com/open?id=1A7INeKv0kDeJnG2ue330gL7dCuVF8X2n

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