Bavarian Scout Ranger

Currently in pre-alpha stage. Mainly a weeb third person shooter with flight combat, tower defense, and RPG elements. There is lewd but depends on final release platform.

agdg demo day trailer:!NJxFyYoQ!G0_cKd5qJGu-ElZCfNGOANqDhoxffvz3ehcJ5aAhIH0

agdg demo:!VcIXEQ5T!0dDMyM4M4aOX2UZ34LHzkef_HZmkIzlNcuxo37m_JIM


Two AGDG guys ("programmer" and level designer and character modeller / animator)
Art Usanekorin / CDS / hikariyumiya
Audio Seakul / Nash Library
Voice TBA once I have all lines
Engine UE4

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