Black Smith Monster Game

"I am probably just inept at version control and accidentally deleted everything."
-Cham after accidentally killing this promising project

This was going to have Legend of Zelda style gameplay, where the end-game was to make the ultimate sword, and progression occurring when you forge new equipment with materials taken from "temples."
The plot focuses on the inhuman player-character, who travels to a desolate island to create a weapon worthy of a hero.
The protagonist's very body is evolved to do little else than metallurgy, and views smithing as sacred; it's quest is akin to a holy pilgrimage or a rite of passage.

Below are images of various areas that were posted:

Maps of the overworld
Various collectible fluids (water, oil,goo) and a fungal forest
Crystal cavern
A decorative coral garden to help enshrine an anvil and hearth
Graveyard of Blacksmiths and a tomb
Ancient Blacksmith fortress
A volcanic hot-springs with plumbing to pump water throughout the island

Below are two videos of alpha/pre-alpha gameplay:

Older game build

First thread archive:

Second thread archive:

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