Dash Blitz

The year is 1410, Transmission Era.
Humanity has prospered thanks to instant transmission technology, and forgotten much of what preceded them. Wide-spread nanite use has given humans superior physical capabilities, and what was once considered "augmented" is now the norm. The thrill of combat is the top sport across the globe, and advances in nanite technology has continued to push fighters beyond their limit.

Dash Transit Solutions, the top dog in transmission networks, is sponsoring the DTS Grand Prix - the first international fighting tournament the Transmission Era has ever seen.
They're offering a mountain of credits, international glory, and the chance to demo an advanced AI, Vizier.
DTS claims Vizier is special.
Vizier can answer any question.

20 fighters have clawed their way through the qualifiers and board the DTS Satellite for the greatest contest of their life. Each of them chases riches, glory, something less savoury… or answers.
It's time to blitz through the competition.

tl;dr where's the game

Dash Blitz is a fast and fluid platformer with boss battles and head-to-head versus elements. I'd say it falls just short of a "fighting game" or "platform fighter", but is designed around head-to-head play. The goal is a game that's easy on the eyes and feels good just to handle.
The final version is aiming for 20 playable characters, each of which will have unique boss AI and an arcade run.
Main website with DRM-free demos.
Steam page.

Playable characters


A small-town hero who dreams of glory. He only wants to invest the prize money into his baseball team.
An all-around fighter with few weaknesses.

  • Standing Swing attacks reflect projectiles. Holding in Swing delays the attack.
  • Charging up shots becomes even faster below half health.


An android from Luminaire Labs meant to replace human testing. Currently emulating the effects of adrenaline, the DTS GP is a convenient test environment.
Physically frail, but agile. His kinetic blasts help keep his foes away.

  • Keeps a second shot in reserve whenever you fire a charged shot.
  • Standing Swing attacks deal no damage, but can absorb charged shots. Parrying a projectile gives you a stronger shot in reserve. Parrying a swing stuns the enemy and gives you a powerful shot in reserve.


A heavy-duty robot built to climb rugged terrain. Business is tough, so he's been upgraded and entered to chase the prize money.
Slower and heavier than the others, but a true powerhouse.

  • A fully charged shot functions as a laser, blasting through walls and damaging anything in its path.
  • The top of Sherpa's head acts as a platform.


A frog heavily mutated by toxic runoff and discarded nanites. She sees her mutation as a blessing, and entered the DTS GP seeking to purify the earth.
Quick and nimble. Her bubbles are difficult to aim but their bouncing arcs keep opponents guessing.

  • Standing Swing attacks allow you to eat projectiles. Attacking again spits the projectile back out.
  • Dashing is replaced with a short hop. Jumping mid-hop grants you some extra height and retains most of the hop's speed.

And many more…?

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