Shiny-Rice's first and only attempt at game development, He was hugely optimistic about it until he took a break and realised how wrong he was. Canceled in September 2016.

This project came out from my determination in pushing change as a hardcore gamer I am, after seeing how many AAA games that repeat themselves every time are getting tremendous sales with apparently minimal effort, reducing devs (but most especially publishers') interest in innovation. Little originality is seen in the industry, especially in the FPS genre. I wanted to foster the niche that is the realistic shooter (think Insurgency, Project Reality) while introducing original mechanics, style and weapons.

I'll do my part with a game where you'll fight a ceramic armor suit boss guy and punch the shit out of a lemon crate. That's Distant;Breakoff in a nutshell.

I'm the guy who has written all of this filler, Shiny Rice. My experience in game development is rather limited. I have experience modding for some games, mainly YSFlight. I've been modeling since 2011, with Blender, and started to use Photoshop in 2013.

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