Divine Right Of Kings

Divine Right of Kings (DRoK) is a way-too-ambitious game much less ambitious than previously conceived game being created by some anon who had the idea when he thought that WoW's garrisons were actually a sort of cool idea, but implemented horribly. Then he realized that implementing those garrisons would be ridiculously hard and not actually add that much. so it got scrapped. Instead, this anon realized that he really didn't like the way Endless Legend played, so instead he decided to create DRoK as an "answer" to it.

DRoK is a 4X game inspired by Civilization, Warlock: Master of the Arcane, and the Age of Wonders series for their good qualities, and by Endless Legend for its bad qualities. Much like Age of Wonders, battles are not done on the combat map. Instead, battles are done in their own zone. Each unit is directly controlled by the player in a turn-based combat system, unlike that piece of shit game Endless Legend where you just give orders and pray to god that things go the way you want them to. Units will be extremely customizable, and it will be very clear what everything in the game does.

Features (most of which are NYI):

  • Settle and explore
  • Build your units how you want. Customize them with a perk system. Perks are not analogous to the equipment system of Endless Legend or the weapon/armor/engine slot systems of space 4X games. They're much more freeform, and perk slots have far fewer restrictions. You build your units how YOU want to. Furthermore, perks are not just numerical increases, they give effects that you have to actually think about. Rather than a flat bonus to movespeed, a perk that doubles movespeed on the first turn and halves it for the rest of combat is far more interesting, no?

* Actually be able to walk around in the cities you buildthis might just end up as a total gimmick feature though This has been scrapped for good reason: creating a basic bitch 4X is already hard enough.

  • Scour ancient ruins to unlock ancient secrets which advance your empire's technological progress

* Play as multiple leaders through a dynasty Leaders/heroes are not currently in the scope of this game, though they may come later down the pipeline if I can figure out a good way to work them in. There will not be a dynastic element, unfortunately.

don't laff that my devblog is a tumblr: https://drokdev.tumblr.com/
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