Dodge Roll

A 3D action RPG, complete rip-off of the Dark Souls formula, developed in UE4/C++.

First stage of this project is to try and get as close as possible to the Dark Souls mechanics and internal systems, with all the gritty details:

  • Locomotion
  • Stamina
  • I-frames
  • Limited input buffering
  • Poise and hyperarmor (DaS1 version)
  • Counter damage and staggerframes
  • Animation cancelling (DaS2 version)
  • Parrying and backstabs (Bloodborne version)
  • Deflection

and so on. Second stage is to apply a custom spin on the formula, mostly being faster combat and heavy modifications to the gamemode. Im considering procedural level generation and a roguelike setup, or a round-based multiplayer game where two teams start at nothing and race for equipment and levels, to face off in intermittent invasions and a final climactic fight.

The project is currently sorely lacking an artstyle because realism sure as fuck won't work out on the planned scale, as well as good and numerous animations.

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