Erni's Iceberg

Erni collecting fish in his bucket

Gameplay of the May 5th Demo Day build

Erni's (((Iceberg))) is a fast-paced arcade-style fishing game made for/using the LIKO-12 fantasy console. Set in Antarctica, the game stars the eponymous penguin Erni. Gameplay consists of pulling fish from the surrounding ocean onto the iceberg, and kicking them into Erni's bucket. The game spans 10 days until the upcoming long night of the winter solstice, at which point Erni must have collected enough fish or regrettably starve. Each day will be progressively shorter but also more plentiful in fish.

Planned features include a much wider array of fish (including junk), unlockable characters, and a special gamejourno mode which will cause fish to spontaneously jump from the ocean into your bucket.

2018 May 5th Demo Day Build Available here:

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