Everyday Life

Developed by Fables of Laetus, Everyday Lite is a Vertical Slice of the full game containing two UI heavy features, namely the Cooking System and the Faerie Village System. They are both going to integrated into a minigame, so that both systems can be tested and players can give feedback. The release date for Everyday Lite is 1st of October 2017and is available on Steam for free:

The game is recognizable for various features shown off during development:

  • Advanced grass simulation

  • Cute, lovable fairies
  • Blasphemous boobies

  • Comfy tavern
  • Spaghetti code for cooking spaghetti

The main game, Everyday Life will be a 3D farmsim with RPG elements, both features of Everyday Lite will be present in the main game with improvements

Everyday Lite will be released for free, a link will be available in this page when it is ready, the main game will cost 15$, there will be support for Windows and Linux, and no DRM (if i add the game to Steam it will still run with steam offline)

There are two expansions already planned, both expansions will be released for free, and will require the base game.

Features planned for the first release of the whole game include:

  1. Cooking System
  2. Faerie Village
  3. Farming, agriculture and livestock
  4. A big village with several NPCs, mostly girls which the main character can get into a relationship with
  5. Fishing System
  6. You can build you farm anywhere outside the village (no fixed starting area, you start living in the INN paying rent until you build a house)

You can follow the development on the official devblog: https://fablesoflaetus.com/

Alpha 0.90 download: https://anon.to/jcmPUJ

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