Fantasy World Simulator

A DF-like game where you generate a fantasy world and then may create a character and explore it. Become an adventurer, open a tavern, or seek out the secrets of the world. This game is quite ambitious despite the shitty graphics, and the intention is to create a fully closed system where the game world dynamically creates stories and adventures simply through its natural processes. If you have played Dwarf Fortress, then this game is pretty much a variant of that. This is a personal project which I work on just for the fun of it, so development is intermittent. Currently most of the core engine work is done and I'm now working on getting a basic gameplay loop.

Latest release 0.0.071, 20 February 2019:

Currently you can't do a whole lot except generate worlds.

Things you can do:

  • Mess around with the world generator.
  • Enter the world simulator and advance time pressing +D +M +Y +D.
  • Look through spreadsheets.
  • From the World Simulator, press Tab and you will enter Adventure Mode. You can walk around with the arrow keys and explore the world. Spoilers: There's nothing interesting to discover.
  • Zoom in/out with mousewheel or +/-. Pan by holding down middle mouse button.

Please note this is a pre-alpha, so don't expect anything more than a tech demo.

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