an RTS in the style of the historia civilis youtube videos.
currently has 6 unit types - infantry, heavy infantry, phalanx, cavalry, cavalry archer, artillery
you spawn with a certain number of units, select them and tell them where to move, they also try to follow a formation you've given them beforehand
you can create your own formations as text files+image, just put them in the Formations folder
you can also change your textures in the UnitTextures folder
stuff in here that's crossed out has been finished
there's working multiplayer and singleplayer

procedural terrain - movement speed will depend on it, other than that it's just a decorative thing
multiplayer lobby
singleplayer content, at the very least a skirmish mode, at the very best a campaign
collision between units that doesn't look like ass
more unit types (phalanxes, barbarians, etc.)
scenario editor
building fortifications
supply wagons
minor features

https://doctard.itch.io/historia - devlog goes here

on pause/abandoned out of boredom

i'd put it in the projects on hiatus page myself, but i'm afraid i'll somehow fuck the links up, someone else do it

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