Active Projects

This page lists the games under active development.

Screenshot Name and Description Tools Status Author
DrillBoy.png Adventures of Drill Boy
3D platformer featuring a robotic mascot
UE4 Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
Aesthetic.jpg Aesthetic game
Looks good. Not much is known beside that
Unity Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
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An action adventure RPG featuring 21 skills, 8 governing attributes, randomized loot, open world, no realtime-RNG, and fast "position based" combat. An overly ambitious over scoped dream dev game.
MonoGame Active Labyrinth
autumn%20willow.png Autumn Willow
Classic-style puzzle game where you collect gems and get to the end of the level while avoiding dangerous hazards.
C# with SFML.Net Active w/ infrequent updates Anonymous
Bavarian Scout Ranger
3D third person shooter with tower defense and RPG elements, as well as air combat stages
UE4 Active: Early, no playable Demos GDIdoujinmediaworks, art by Usanekorin Works
Topdown Diablo-like survival aRPG. Official website and download:
Unity Active: Playable prototype Shodanon
PAC.png Chibi postapopunk
low poly chibi shit set in a wasteland post apocalyptic world
UE4 Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
Dash%20Blitz%20title.PNG Dash Blitz
Fast and fluid platformer with boss battles and head-to-head versus elements. Hopefully makes you think of that other platformer with dashing and wall jumping.
Unity Active: Early Anonymous
0011731635_21.jpg d-t-zwei
The open world FPS sequel to the RPGMaker autism-fest
Unity Active: Early, no playable demos Eighth Exodus
DRoK.png Divine Right of Kings
Hex-based turn-based strategy.
Unity3D Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
Dodge Roll
3D aRPG, blatant Dark Souls rip-off with cardboard armor enemies and overambitious future plans
UE4 Active: Early, no playable demos Anycomb
Erni's Iceberg
Fast arcade fishing pixelshit
LIKO-12 Active: Playable Alpha Thirite
EveryDay Life
Harvest Moon inspired farming and cooking simulator with anime girls and cute fairies. Currently split in two separate projects. 3D part in Unity, 2D part in VS
Unity & VS Active: playable alpha Fables of Laetus
Fantasy World Simulator
Live in a randomly-generated 2D fantasy world.
C++ & OpenGL Active: Pre-alpha demo Garosoft
Fists of Absolution
2D brawler about a nun punching and kicking the shit out of various hellspawn
LÖVE Active: Early, no playable Demos Anonymous
ev_titlecardplaceholder.png Inferis
Arena FPS spin-off project. (Formally FPS/ARPG project.)
LÖVE Active: Early, playable demos around demo days Anonymous
fast.png Gottagofast
A momentum-based 3D Platformer where you play as a robot with a skateboard.
UE4 Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
flight.png Hell Divers
Air combat game featuring late WWII to early Cold War era jet technology, airships, and floating isles, in an open world setting akin to Wind Waker.
UE4 Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
Infinite.png Infinite Wars
Advance Wars clone with an impressive map-generator capable of using real life satellite imagery.
Unknown Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
bigfroggr.gif Lair of the Bigfroggr
dbrz's entry to the Infinity Jam, one of two finalists; will have bossfights and more content eventually(tm)
Pygame Active: Early, Playable proof-of-concept dbrz
Last Dawn
2D atmospheric game clearly trying to fuck with your head
LÖVE Emile Ainsley
8eWNw0h.png Meme War
An arcadey cross between reddit and minecraft
Phaser, Neo4j Active: Playable at Anonymous
Chrono.png Not-Chrono Trigger
Anon's early attempts to recreate the classig RPG's gameplay
Godot Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
occultus.png Occultus
Classic linear-style Castlevania throwback, no controlled jump arcs, simple get to the end of the stage formula, and you have items you can throw that will help you get through it easier.
Unity Active: Playable test builds OccultusDev
segment16.png segment16
dbrz's first like make game. Tiny arcadey shmup with some VFX for pizazz. Definitely not stuck on a new enemy type. May or may not get remade in another engine.
LÖVE Active: Early, Playable dbrz
sentience.png Sentience
An unusual RPG starring a cute wizard dino guy
Unity Active: Early, no playable demos Dorma Oculus
SP2.png Shinobu Project 2
VR experiences with the best waifu
UE4 Active: Early, no playable demos SgtHale
Sigma II
Successor to Sigma I, a 3D game engine in development.
Pelle's C IDE Some basic demos, see article ika
dark.png Skeleton Game
Moody and dark descent into a damp dungeon.
UE4 Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
sluelf.png Slutty Elf Adventure
porn/rpg about a slutty elf traveling the land, lotsa rape, pregnancy, humiliation and shit.
Javascript Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
LSStealth.png Thief-like stealth game
Light & shadow- based stealth game resembling the venerable Lookong Glass titles
Godot Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
skulllady.png Turtle waifu arena FPS
Arena FPS with a colourful roster of characters.
Unity3D Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
BQVR.png VR manslaughter simulator
VR Sub Rosa (but better)
UE4 Active: Early, no playable demos Anonymous
Uncommon%20Time%20Predecessor%20Title%20Screen Uncommon Time Predecessor
Tactical Turn-based RPG.
Unity3D Active: no playable demos Anonymous
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