Not to be confused with the other better looking gondola game (the one with the aesthetic heads in the floor and the tasty movement inertia).
This game was not primarily about gondolas. Mustrum just put them in as a meme and was scared to remove the most defining aspect of the game.

In late 2015, Mustrum started work on a Hotline Miami clone created in game maker. The game was set in the dreams of a man living in a city. The story was later reworked for stage2.


After a month of development on the Hotline Miami clone, Mustrum was approached by a friend interested in making a game. Mustrum agreed and three other friends were invited. Stage1 crabshack (untitled at this point) was planned to be reworked into an isometric souls-like experience. This idea of copying dark souls was probably inspired by the at the time unreleased dark souls 3. The group were very limited in time to work together. The team ranged greatly in skill, and the vast majority of content was conceptualized, developed and implemented by Mustrum. The group was nicknamed “the Crabshack” by one member and the name was eventually tied to the game. The group was dissolved in November of 2016 as it became near impossible to continue with the schedule that they had. Stage2 Crabshack remains an unfinished mess and was abandoned by Mustrum shortly after the dissolution.

In Feburary-March 2017, after both starting and abandoning a separate game, Mustrum started experimenting with the possibility of 3D development. The gondola 3D model originated at this time. In June of 2017, Mustrum decided to return to the Crabshack game, but this time in full 3D. Several alterations were made to the formula, most notably the focus on player movement.

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Barrels courtesy of a kindly anon on /agdg/

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