Marketing, PR, and the methods of building an audience is a wide topic.
This page is an attempt at compiling resources, advice, and things to look out for.

Marketing Advice

Marketing Platforms

  • /v/ - be honest that you're shilling your own game, and at least include a demo; preferably an alpha/beta build (remember that many anons including myself go by: play before you buy, vote with your wallet, etc etc). Respond to constructive criticism, do not respond to shitposters (just report if they're deliberately shitting up the thread (i.e. rule 8)), and be yourself (though, no autistic screeching or fits, this is bad, and will be remembered).
  • /agdg/ - less active than /v/. No need to tell that you are shilling you game.
  • Twitter - todo
  • Tumblr - The use of tumblr from a gamedev point of view.

Things to be Aware of

  • Key scammers: they will attempt to purchase a mass amount of keys for pennies on the dollar, or request free keys so they can "promote you".
  • Fake youtubers: they may respond to a request via you for youtubers to promote your game. Always confirm they're real, and ask for proof (i.e. tweet, email from their youtube account, etc).
  • NOTE: the above may be handled via marketing firms if you choose to do so, but it's up to you.
  • Questionable marking firms: look below.

Marketing Firms

  • Marketing firms can make your game visible to normalfags via a few different methods.
  • Methods: through journalists, mass email lists, steam key giveaways, and other such methods.
  • Marketing firms should always be researched before you go with them; as they either want a percentage of revenue, a flat rate, or a combination of these.

Questionable Marking Firms

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