Meme War

Meme War is a content aggregator video game where the goal is to spread your memes. It's best described as a cross between Reddit and Minecraft. We all know you can "win" the internet if you get the most likes/retweets/upvotes on pics/ideas/sites you post. Every site you screw around on the internet these days is either a hyperlinked article maze, a vertical list, a shuffled stack. Here, you take a more proactive approach. Content navigation is accomplished by navigating an actual 2D world rather than scrolling straight down a page. You interact with it by destroying posts you don't like and growing posts you do. Adbots are actual bots. Any user can create a new subforum with different rules wherever they want when they find the appropriate item. Rather than passively creating a post and hoping for the best, you can create posts that ambush or attack other players. It's an arcade game AND a message board. It's a pretty novel idea so here's a breakdown of how it works:

  1. Spawn in the world with 5 meme vectors
  2. Explore and check out what other people post
  3. Collect more items and MV while avoiding enemies
  4. Make posts and rooms of your own using the various items
  5. Make the world in your image by spreading your memes everywhere

In Meme War, everything revolves around meme vectors or MV. MV is your ammo, health, and currency. It's also kind of like your action points because you need it to make posts, comments, and upvote or downvote other people's posts. There are 3 types of enemies, 5 types of blocks, and 9 types of items all of which require MV to interact with. Ultimately, we want to make this a freeium app like Sola that lets registered users exchange the MV they acquire for real USD.

You can read more about this project here (if the server is up, which right now is only about 33% of the time due to financial constraints).

We'll likely keep using Javascript and the Neo4j graph database for now, but we hope to expand the actual game development tools to use Unity so users can create either 3D or 2D rooms. We really hate Phaser and will probably need to redo the whole codebase to work with something else soon.

In addition to users our team is currently looking for UI developers, infographic artists, pixel artists, marketers, salesmen, blockchain enthusiasts, dedicated beta-testers, and game devs looking to gain experience working with voxels or Unity. This is a long-term project and we won't be able to pay or even make any money for years so passionate NEETs are preferred. If you're interested drop us a line at: moc.liamg|maet.rawemem#moc.liamg|maet.rawemem

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