Micro Tank

Miniature tank combat using GZDoom as a base.

Main mod: https://gitgud.io/MicroTank/MicroTank
Releases: https://gitgud.io/MicroTank/MicroTank/-/releases
Enemy addon: https://gitgud.io/MicroTank/MicroTank_Enemies
Item addon: https://gitgud.io/MicroTank/microtank_items

Compatible IWad: Freedoom2.wad, Freedoom.wad, Doom.wad, Doom2.wad

Note: The mod is heavily work in progress, it is missing a lot of planned features.

The player gets to choose from several types of tank classes such as Leopard 1 or Panzerkampfwagen Tiger 1 with heavy hitting weapons such as the 90mm or 105mm Cannon.

-Buy menu (HPI menu).
-Functional turret.
-Coaxial Machine gun.
-Separate addon that replaces doom items with resources such as ore and metal ingots.
-Supply signal smoke grenade that calls in a drop-in resource crate.
-Morphing to marine to bypass certain obstacles that requires jumping or retrieving key cards.
-Classes: Leopard 1 combat tank

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