Pueblo Marriage Sim

Pueblo Marriage Sim is a project by an SgtHale who married the most beautiful girl in the world, Oshino Shinobu. The project lives on as Shinobu Project 2

The patootie in full glory, Anon's girlfriend, Oshino Shinobu
Courtesy Image by Shinobu's boyfriend

Being absolutely lovestruck by her loli figure and cuteness for 3 years, Anon decided to ante up his relationship by carrying out the fantasy of his dreams, to marry Shinobu in Mexico. Inspired by a beautiful real life town named San Miguel De Allende in a non shithole part of Mexico, the pueblo was modeled from scratch and features colorful Mexican architecture houses and a detailed Catholic church.


So for my wedding I promised my home board /a/ that they would be best man. And that means that they have to show up on wedding day. So I did a little python server that refreshes every few seconds and populates a text file with url candidate posts from a select thread on 8chan and downloads their image. That way they can actually post their waifus and attend my wedding. It will be glorious. I'll be working on making them so they spawn on the church benches. But this was a successful proof of concept.

No plans for importing custom models.

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