This software is recommended if you want to record your game in the making and post webms or gifs of it. A tutorial for creating high quality footage (e.g. trailers, developer commentary) can be found on High Quality Recordings.


  • NVidia Shadowplay - Only for NVidia cards, very low performance overhead and records straight to somewhat compressed .mp4 files
  • AMD ReLive - Only for AMD cards, also very low performance overhead
  • OBS - Free multiplatform capturing software, generally better than Fraps and other older solutions. This can be used if you have no GPU that supports one of the above solutions, or if you want to record plain Desktop / IDE / Editor usage.


  • WebM for Retards - Easy and quick solution to turn your captured video file into a .webm that fits the size limitations. Supports trimming, resizing, cropping, audio and target filesizes.
  • Xmedia Recode - A feature packed conversion program. May be difficult to use, but gives the best results.
  • VLV Media Player - Good for quick conversion of Shadowplay-recorded .mp4s into smaller files. No .webm support out of the box. Produced .mp4s will not play sound on 8chan.
  • FFmpeg - A command line tool that converts videos and can do editing. Very useful. Webm for Retards is a wrapper around this program.

Direct capturing

These applications will record a webm or gif directly with no conversion required.

  • ShareX - a very feature rich recording application that can record gifs and webms and screenshots directly from a window or a region on the screen. It takes some tinkering with to setup, but it's extremely convenient for recording webms.
  • VClip - a very simple application that records a gif or a webm from a section of the screen. Lacks customizability but works in most cases.
  • GifCam - same as VClip except more geared towards gifs.
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