Red Sky

Red Sky is a game created by Ika and Tetradev. In the game, you have to go from the start of the level to the end of the level, killing enemies that are in your way. It plays similarly to an old school "doom clone" although the gameplay and game feel are significantly different. The game has 15 levels and one secret level, and four boss fights. There are five weapons and twelve types of enemies. Tetradev created two of the levels, they were "void_castle.s3bsp" and "void_temple.s3bsp" and Ika created the rest of the levels, and did the enemy placement in Tetradev's levels. Tetradev also created some of the textures, and the rest were found on Tetradev also modeled all of the weapon models for the game.
This is a scene from level 1, in the first area of the game. You can see that the levels are light mapped and the enemies are billboards like in Doom. The Sigma I engine has light mapped environments like this. Red Sky was developed on the Sigma I engine, which was also made by Ika. All of the levels were made in the Sigma Editor, which was also made by Ika. Sigma Editor crashes a lot and it only allows you to place blocks, which is why Red Sky did not contain any slopes, even though the engine supports slopes in theory. So, the level design is very blocky. Red Sky began development in Nov. 2015 and ended development in Jan. 2017, so it was in development for 14 months.
This is a picture of the map editor, it was used to create all of the levels in the game.
This is the final room of the map "temple.s3bsp", where you have to kill several enemies with the Laser Shotgun, which is introduced in this level.

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Red Sky full playthrough:

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