Rpgdev [Unreal Gold 227i RPG Mod]

RPGdev.u is an add-on package by Anubitek for Unreal Gold that aims to add platforming and RPG elements to the editor,

to allow for the creation (or playing) of custom 3rd person platformer RPG-driven campaigns or maps.

There is a lot planned and much is currently being tested. Here is the list of currently functioning features:

  • Custom player controls.
  • Unreal Tournament and Deus Ex textures/music.
  • Sprite animation in Unreal. Originally some textures could be set up to cycle or be manipulated via script. Now textures are loaded via .INI files and stored in memory.
  • Player character uses a sprite with a 3D collision radius.
  • A dynamic 3rd person camera that can be manipulated via custom scene objects (camera nodes, custom "keypoint" actors in Unreal Editor).
  • The camera can have an effect on player movement, like the Super Mario 64 camera changes how button inputs are translated into relative movement (with the camera in front of you and you facing toward it, pressing forward would make the player walk away from the camera). This is optional and can be set by camera nodes.

Unreal info dump:

This is for people who want to edit Unreal Gold 227i (the heavily updated version of the original Unreal game), but should apply to the engine generally.

If you want to create your own project file (.U file), look up these:

.ini files (Holds a bunch of variables + info),
.int files (international files)
.U files (typically uScript but can contain other things, can be obfuscated to block editing/exporting)
.UC files (UnrealScript files
.UAX files (Sounds)
.UTX (Textures)
.UNR (Maps)
.USM (Meshes)
.log files (event log) and opening the log in-game and in-editor
"editpackages=" in unreal.ini

Start by navigating to your ""\…\Unreal Gold"" folder and create a sub-folder. This is your project folder, name it something that stands out but isn't esoteric. Stick to letters and underscores!
(ex: \…\Unreal Gold\RPG_game_dev)

Create some sub folders in this new folder such as Classes, Music, Sound, and Textures.

Navigate to ""\…\Unreal Gold\system"" and look for ""Unreal.ini"". Edit the file by searching for ""editpackages="" (ctrl+f) and inserting your desired project name on a new line starting with ""editpackages="". Stick to letters and underscores!
(ex: editpackages= RPG_game_dev)

Create a shortcut to ""cmd.exe"" in the same folder, then create a file called ""ucc make.bat"" and add the following:
""cd [hard drive]\[…]\Unreal Gold\System"" // Navigates to system folder
""del [project name].u"" // Deletes .U file, make backups from the system folder before doing this
""ucc make"" // Builds project file and checks for errors in your scripting
""cd C:\GOG Games\Unreal Gold\System""
''del RPG_Game_dev.u""
""ucc make""

Make another .bat, "ini maker.bat". Add the following:

""ucc make ini=[project name].ini""
""ucc make ini=RPG_Game_dev.ini"' // Creates the international file, look this up.

So now you can edit your package and every time you run ucc make.bat, you will make a new package.


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