An ambitious game by Dorma Oculus, featuring cute characters and an advanced elemental magic system.

Sentience is an experimental RPG featuring some unusual systems. The core of this is in the health and magic of characters.
Magic is health. There are multiple elements of magic that composes your magic meter below.
Characters are various creatures with different skills and affinity for certain elements. Their skills rely on certain magic to be casted.
Plasma magic, for example, is needed for skills themed around fire, lightning, or other similar concepts.
Skills may infuse or damage a target's magic. If a character's magic supply is entirely empty, they perish from deficiency.
Also, if the magic supply reaches full capacity, the character will overload and perish from taking more magic than their body can handle.
Care must go into keeping one's magic supply in check from the threats of environments and enemies that attack.
Skills, along from being based on the species, are also learnable by attuning to Disciplines, the class system of Sentience.
A character can be fully focused on their species abilities, or focus on disciplines. This weakens their natural skills but allow for build variety.
While a character can have as many skills as they collect for their species and Discipline, only a limited amount can be available for use at a time.
Disciplines and skills may be swapped out in safe areas, but are fixed in wilderness or dangerous areas.
One must learn of challenges they may find and prepare carefully to venture hostile and unfamiliar environments.

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