Shinobu Project 2

Sgt Hale's official continuation of Pueblo Marriage Sim. An official release is planned on /agdg/ Demo day 8/8/18.

October 2017 Idolmasters vampire costume:

This project is intended to be for VR only and will have a public release for freeeeeee. That said I may setup a Patreon to receive money to save up for more professional voice actresses and 3D modelers. Modeling is very taxing on time availability and voice work can be expensive.


This VR game includes all of my work in 3D modeling, topology, and anatomy. Despite still having a long way to go I believe I have done a solid job in improving. The model is more anatomically correct for an 8 year old little girl and comes packed with better deformations, shape keys, and most importantly, more facial expressions. The game will contain lewd as this is an autistic simulation of what it would be like to live with Shinobu, but it is not the main focus of the simulation. Animations for playing games with her have already been completed and are awaiting implementation. Game is being built in Unity 2018 using my trusty laptop.

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