The Game Engine Problem

if you think about the fact that modern programming is all about dumbing down the programming , this is done to allow the primitive herds of nigger cattle to just like make game , so lets imagine you are one of those glow in the dark pinkos who actually develops the game engines like Unity, think about this all of the indie game engines are developed on the following pillars of knowledge:

  1. The people who use my game engine are:
  • Indians
  • Not as smart as I am
  • Porbbaly never programmed before
  • Can't write their own compiler

Therefore, my engine can and should only be interfaced with through shitty interfaces designed for the third world. This means that,,, it has to be:

  • managed
  • NO cool features
  • MUST HAVE : a garbage collector

Any one who is going to make games in (current year) is in general not going to be a programmer, this is why the new wave of indie engines only really try and support languages like C#, Lua, JavaScript, Python, and that and some kind of drag and drop lego bricks scratch visual programming which OK so if you think about this it makes sense in the context of non-progammers making games, by dropping them in to these languages for your engine, OK an d maybe this isn't supposed to be a dig at competent people who use these tools (I am just writing this so you can self insert as one of those """competent people""" and dont get offended ) but, lets think about the diffrence between Unity/Unreal/Godot and you can see like moths to the flame people are attracted to this, now lets imagine it is 2001 and indie gaming does not exist, your engine just drops you into some C code base and you know maybe they wrote it well or not but , that is it that is your entire thing you have going on , no visual editor and no lego blocks

Is it a good thing that engines aren't like that any more? At this point I have lost my train of thought but I won't delete this page or anything but

Amazing code in your favorite nu-(((games)))

Ok so let's look at the kinds of code that people write in these amazing new languages that make you more productive, this is what new game engines are designed to accept and work with, this is what the indie-focused engine dev of today has to make WORK with his shitty engine

Again this is just the tip of the iceberg for how shitty C# is, you might think that OK anyone can write bad code, but I have the beleif that these languages, like putting lead in the drinking water, is making everybody worse at programming . If you try and write SHIT in C it will explode , this is why video game code that you see in the 90s doesn't seem to have the same amount of careless programming because if you act careless it doesnt even run?

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