The Reddit Menace

This page is for documenting tripfags, namefags, normalfags, redditors, and other malicious posters who ruin the general. These posters will shit up the thread with low-quality posts, spam, or other bait, and have derailed and ruined multiple threads. Some of these posters engage in samefagging, to the point where it's not entirely clear how many of these people there actually are. However, you can single them out pretty easily if you know what to look for. They will usually claim that anyone telling them to leave is being "off topic" for making it clear that they aren't welcome here, and it will usually be made very clear by them that they are from reddit, facebook, tumblr, etc.

How to spot these people

  • File names - These posters usually post images with file names that indicate that they're from Facebook, Reddit, halfchan, imgur, Tumblr, etc. You should get familiar with how these sites name their files.
  • Samefagging - These people will samefag to defend their game and/or opinions, usually saying that anyone telling them to leave is being "off topic".
  • Defending Reddit, Tumblr, etc - This should be obvious.

Known malicious posters

Rottenhuman, who has his own article here, is a redditor who lurks /agdg/ despite everybody making it clear that he isn't wanted and should leave. He has derailed threads in multiple ways, but usually what happens is, he does something to make everybody mad at him, and then he identifies himself to everyone. Rotten is a known redditor who was outed in a thread on /v/ where he defended overwatch and talked about his rust-expansion-project, where his reddit account was exposed by an anon. He writes posts about how redditors should be tolerated in /agdg/, and refuses to leave despite multiple threads where everybody has told him that they want him gone.

Here are some archive links to threads that have been ruined by him, or derailed by him:

Not all threads have been archived and if anyone has any others, please add it to this list.

Argentinean nigger
This poster samefags with a VPN so that he can have multiple ID's. He uses reaction images from facebook and tumblr (you can tell from the filenames) and is working on a fighting game or something called Project S.E.N.. He also has a tumblr blog that he shilled here multiple times and spam multiple threads on /v/ in all caps. He uses his ID's to reply to himself with positive feedback and tells people that they are being off topic with another ID when they tell him to leave. He talks like a redditor and posts a lot in a short amount of time.

Derailed threads:

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