Advanced Resource and Warfare mod

Advanced Resource and Warfare mod for Factorio 15.x
Current version: 0.1.10
Download URL:!kUNkUQSB!YuACE2qswlMpS2hOGRyK1TzW0qFMmirZGxpm1A98zNQ

Mod description:
This mod will add several new vehicles, some new ammunition, infinite ore productions from ore mine and other auxiliary items.

Currently available:
Tanks, Medium:
T-55, Marauder
Autocannon Tank
Hercules Beetle
Tanks, Light:
Mortar Tank, Rocket Tank


AKM-47, PMm Makarov
Hand Grenades:
Molotov Cocktail, Anthrax Cocktail, Dynamite Bundle

Cannon/Auto cannon rounds:
105mm, T1-3 AP shot, T1-2 HE shell
25mm (Autocannon): Armor-Piercing, High-Explosive,
both also in double round version for the Autocannon tank, regular 25mm ammo is not used yet
Machine gun rounds:
14.5mm, Full Metal Jacket
Multi-Flamethrower (Hercules Beetle only for now):
Incendiary/Napalm Canister, Acid/+ Canister
40mm, High-Explosive shell, Poison shell

Advanced Module Beacon, Small Factory, Large Assembly Machine, Crematorium, Ore Mine,
Resource Generator, Small Warehouses (+drone logistics variant),
Large Warehouses (+drone logistics variant),
Tunnel belt +15 range and with 30+ range (Normal,Fast,Express),
Motor Pool

Ponies, Niggers.

—Improve sprites quality somehow and reduce a few other sprites to a tad lower resolution,
high polygon models need to made for it. (Higher priority)
-Some enemies graphics needs some fixing as they have weird scaling issues which is due to
the original sprites have not a uniform resolutions on other sprite angles.
I need to try doing that before adding more enemies.
-Figure out some model scale method so that my future structures sprites won't look too big or too small
relative to vanilla structures, for example my ore mine sprite is smaller then a vanilla chest.
-Circuit network graphics
-Revamped ammunition production line, final assembly shouldn't take more then 4 items.
-Proper Acid effect graphics
-Change Acidic ammunition behavior sometime (bigger radius but less damage then regular incendiary ones?)
-Add enemies from Moonman doom, more nigger structures
-Some sort of new resource generation line or production enhancement based on custom enemies loot.
also add a few more variants of ores like small, large iron ore and the like.
-Resource Generator might be removed or rebalanced I am not sure, Ore Mine is now more complex.
-Ore stuff: Small, Medium, Large Ore, Ingot, Ore smelting to liquid form etc…
-Scrap metal filtering and processing
-Maybe a damage upgrade research for all ammunition should be done, not sure about total max bonus 50-100% bonus maybe.
-Figure out proper caliber scaling so lower and or higher caliber ammo can be added with consistency between them.
-Uranium/Plutonium enhanced ammunition, dunno about Abrudium based ones. I am not sure how I should handle
this one since I have for 105mm 3 AP shots tier, Use the Tier-1/2 ammo as a base for it?
-More infantry weapons.
-Split enemies type/species into its own module but keep the research for it and items on main mod for maintance simplicity.
-Improve enemy base spawning behavior and add some sort of defences for them too.
-Compressed basic items, some items like iron-plate, ore items and so on should have a compress features, so that it is
easier to use drones with them or whatever. Ore should be easily compresseable while iron-plates for example needs boxes
since it cannot be compressed by itself.
Categorize the items into 2 groups: General Group and Combat Group, so the Combat Group will have items for ammo
production and anything else related to it, General Group will be Logistic/Intermediates into one.

Known Bugs:
-Having mods enabled that changes the enemy behavior such as the rampant mod causes the save game to become corrupt,
the error log doesn't provide any hints what is exactly causing this crash.
Factorio 0.15.33 seems to have fixed this issues, needs more testing.

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