programming in C

Are you a white man? Have you written your own compiler? This is the page for you

How to become a C god

C is the best programming language ever. This is self evident to anyone who knows how to write it, but if you are not framiliar, this is why:

  1. goto statements
  2. pointers
  3. memory management
  4. inline assembly (nonstandard)
  5. using the REAL controls, instead of an abstraction layer
C is, if you are doing programming, you want to be writing in C. Let's look at some notable C programs:
"maxresdefaultOk, so basicallt everyhing that is important or notable is written in C, because it is the best langauge. Only in cool guy languages like C can you use pointers. Only in coll nice good languages can you make things go FAST and have a fast game. C is fast by the way, very fast! C is so fast that one time, that's all that anyone could use becuase if they didnt it would be slow… as you can see, C is the only compelling option. Programming without pointers is like being castrated, so is the idea of programming without goto statements. You are no longer programming for a MACHINE but for a FANTASY that some CS professor is jacking off too in his spare time (i'm looking at you, LISP) while your program is managed by someone elses C program, becase you are a little baby who cannot write good code, so you need a C program to manage your stupid program. It all comes back to C. If you aren't using C, you're leaning on someone eleses C. That's why JAVA and .NET is implemented in C. That's why gay stupid gay languages like Java? Its alctually in C, you just arent allowed to have the fun parts of writing the code, the JVM does that for you… Let's talk about the kinds of people who write C and what they do with such an amazing language. There is first of all:
The creator of C, who is the GOD for computers, because every comptuer OS after his OS is based on the designed ideas that he had. Just as he created the language which is the best to use ever, he also created the OS that everybody today is just using a copy of ok? Even if it didnt copy, it is written in C , because everything is written in C, every operating system. You are using code that he thought of every single day
The creator of the build engine, which is what DUKE NUKEM ran on… and it's written in C. Why does Ken use C? maybe because its better than everything else
Obviously a C GOD in every respect, you are using his engine or a derivative of his engine work if you have any salt. Unreal fags fuck you
The Creator of his own TempleOS, if you dont know what I am talking about you will burn in hell, just go on and SEE THE LIGHT… DAvids is such a good C programmer that he spends all of his time writing in his own C< becuase he is so good that C isn't good enough for him so, he made a aC that works for his intents the best way, that is on his own compiler because he is not a nigger monkey

Do you notice a patter n here? Yes, all of these C programmers are accomplished, h'white men who created the modern world of computers. Is there anyone besides a fat seweedish (((jew))ish man who is notable for writing java ? Is there anyone who is notable in computing for writing C-hashtag? No , there isnt because those are inferior languages that only nigger cattle would program in .

getting better at C every day

OK so you might think that this page is just to jack off succucessful people and try and identify with them by using the same tools…;0 but this is beyond just an admiration for the HEROES of video games because C is an empirically better way of programming than anything else, ok so lets look at some of the reasons

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