Random Anon Game Ideas

Don't know what game to develop next? Wanting to get into game development? Use this page.

NOTE: When adding an idea to the beginner or intermediate categories, at least try and explain what a developer can learn from developing that game.


The introductory section.

  • A game similar to Dust Force, but it is limited to a single screen. In this game, the player has to collect or remove all the dust things in a level as fast as possible. Developing this kind of game will show you how to handle collision detection (the dust you have to collect), handle game states (when the player collects dust the game is in the "play" state, when the player has collected all the dust the game enters the "end" state, etc.), level design, displaying and recording a player's time in a level (basic game saving), AI (if you choose to include enemies) and basic a basic user interface.




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