Tumblr is a site created, ran and used by fags, this page is focused on the use of tumblr from a gamedev point of view.


The main page is the dashboard. On the left side is a collection of recent activity for the people you're currently following [1], ads if you don't have ad-block enabled, and messages directed at you (post replies, comment replies, and direct messages).
On the right side is the trendy posts,[2] and recommended blogs.

Understanding Tumblr

  • Tumblr users come in two flavors: those who use it professionally, and those who use it for entertainment.
  • The former seeks knowledge, assistance, and reach.
  • The second group's goal is obvious, but your goal is to get reblogged in the first group; then eventually develop a following of your own of this group (an "audience").
  • Everything you do is visible to your followers: what you like, what you reblog, what you're replying to/etc.
  • Important: Change your settings and limit your activity to meaningful actions, this is no joke, I have unfollowed useful users because they spammed the feed too much (if for some reason you want to use tumblr other than professionally make an alt account).
  • Tumblr sucks for sorting shit, tags do exist but there is no way to filter them correctly; if you want to save a post for later bookmark it from your browser not on tumblr.
  • It also sucks for multi-part tutorials, never make a multi-part tutorial on tumblr, you might be thinking that it is a good way to get followers but half the parts will be missing; unless you want to remain silent between entries you're better off doing them elsewhere and linking them back in a compilation post.
  • Reblogs are your bread and butter, and concerning standalone posts their initial visibility is limited to only those currently following you or via search results (remember to use tags). After the initial step is up to your followers to reblog your shit to their followers so they can reblog your shit and so on and so on.
  • Your post will be visible on people's dashboards until other posts push them out. Thus generally making them very short lived (is also possible to make posts that keep being shared months after creation, but those are the exception). Posts can be post-initial entry edited so you can write something spicy to get the reblogs going, and then switch it to shilling (be careful with this one, twitter is smaller[3] than you think and people will start blocking you),

Getting followers:

  • Contribute/be part of the community. If you can't like the community don't expect the community to like you back.
  • Posts replies/Direct messages ("DMs"): visibility is limited to the person you direct it to, unless they decide to reblog, I haven't tested if post replies are visible to OP or other users in the reply tree.
  • If you find something useful, remember to thank the OP, this is a good way to get followers that naturally gravitate towards your interests.
  • Contrary to popular belief tumblr is not filled with leftist, but it certainly is filled with echo chambers. People will not reblog something that'll make them look bad, expanding on the points of someone you agree with is a good way to get reblogged to his like minded followers (remember, echo chamber mentality); bonus points if you manage to insert previous posts in there (you can allude to their existence or direct link them). That said never sacrifice your core values for fake internet status, being a sheep can get you started but will not get you far.

tl;dr make people look at you as someone they should look up to.


  • Be aware that there are bots, scammers (such as key scammers), and questionable game marketing firms on tumblr.
  • One such notable example of questionable game marketing firms is "Black Shell Media" (expanded here)
  • Be aware of the prevalent "echo chamber mentality", or "group think"; it's a core part of each community using Tumblr. Remember, you need to build an audience, and become "respected" in these echo chambers (no autistic screeching, or shitposting) .

[1] think of the front page on /v/ except only the latest posts and thread title are presented (right now is chronological until they decide to implement the new algorithm)
[2] the last 24 hours collection of posts that the site has decided to bless the rest of the site with its pestilence
[3] smaller is not the right word, maybe tighter

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